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Protecting the environment

We create solutions for the well-being of the earth Today and tomorrow

Protecting the world we live in is inseparable for us from caring for the future of our planet. To reduce the negative impact on the environment and create the conditions necessary for sustainable long-term development, we constantly seek to improve our production lines and implement the most innovative and effective ways to reduce emissions and waste from our plants.

We understand the impact that chemical production lines have on the environment and we adopt the necessary principles of environmental safety. Each facility of Metafrax Group undergoes a strict expert review procedure to determine its impact on the environment and ensure its compliance with the existing regulations and standards.

By the means of the implemented monitoring system, we observe the environmental situation wherever our facilities are located, analyze tendencies of atmospheric and water body parameter changes, and determine the effectiveness of our environmental protection measures. We do this to predict and determine any potential hazards and act swiftly to correct any contingencies during the operation of our facilities.

We adhere to the highest standards of monitoring the operations, and regularly perform varifications to determine the environmental safety of all technological processes, be it production, waste management or water consumption. This also allows us to anticipate any breaches of environmental and sanitary regulations, thus ensuring that we are easily able to prevent them or minimize the impact they may have.
We work hard to minimize any potential risks throughout the stages of production, distribution, shipping, storage and application of our products.

We constantly carry out activities to increase the overall competence and proficiency of our employees, clients, emergency service teams and state organizations in safe handling of our products. We give explanations on how to minimize the potential risks associated with chemical products and how to operate quickly and effectively in emergency situations.